How do I choose the right Mac?

Whether it’s your first or tenth Mac, the question always comes up… Which Mac is right for me? It’s easy to get stuck at this point; so we came up with 3 simple questions you should be asking yourself.

What will I be using it for?

Are you a professional or aspiring photographer? Do you plan on making small movies as a side project? Are you a gamer? Or, do you just need a computer to browse the internet, check your email, and watch Game Of Thrones? This question will help you decide how much processing power and storage capacity you need in an Apple computer.

Do I need it to be portable?

Is your Mac going to be used in your home or office? Planning a trip? Or, do you just want to get some work done at a coffee shop? Are you a writer who gets inspired by writing in a park or while watching the sun set over the lake? Maybe a laptop is the right choice for you.

What is my budget?

The key is to spend only what your need to do what you want. It is easy to be tempted into getting all of the latest features or be talked into the top of the line model when you don’t need it. Start with the model that gives you the basics of what you need and then only move up from there is you need the functions offered. For example, A MacBook Pro could be twice the price of a MacBook Air –  a great investment if you need its greater power but not if you don’t. A premium quality used computer can also be good option to consider. Macs are so well built that a used computer can last you several years and perform all of today’s daunting tasks. Like a used car, the cost of a used computer can save you hundreds of dollars while still taking you to your destination while you enjoy the experience… And extending the life of a Mac is also good for the environment.

At Midtown Tech we will always take the time help you make an informed decision.  Midtowntech.ca