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Our Apple certified technicians can handle your warranty and Apple Care+ repairs as well as non warranty repairs

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iPhone Repair

Your most used piece of technology, your fitness tracker, your main means of communication. The iPhone is more integrated into our lives that any other piece of technology in modern history. If your iPhone needs service, Midtown Tech is able to run Apple diagnostics on your iPhone and offer all of Apple’s hardware same unit repair options including: cracked display repair, battery replacement, sound or microphone issues, software trouble shooting, failed cameras and more. We can even offer a  whole unit replacement when there is liquid damage or a failed component that cannot be repaired. We will take the time to make sure you understand your choices.   

Mac Repair

With a longer operational lifecycle, a built with premium components, the Macintosh is the most advanced and innovative computing solution available. . We understand how essential it is to keep your computer up and running for your business, education, and leisure. We offer the most services to take care of your investment when something goes wrong.  

Component Repair

If a component has failed and you need hardware repair service, Midtown Tech is where you can get premium service with genuine Apple service parts.  All our work is covered by Apple’s 90 day warranty across all of the official Apple service network. We are honest and ethical and will let you know what needs to be done to restore your computers health.

Board Level Repair

If you require hardware repair service and the part you need is no longer being produced for repair, don’t worry. We have a solution for you, Midtown Tech will perform Board Level Repair and replace failed chips and circuits as needed to get your hardware component operating again. We also offer the same 90 day warranty on this service, so you can know that we stand behind our work and you are still getting the most premium service available regardless of the age of your computer.

MacBook Battery Replacement

Is you MacBook not getting you through the day like it did when you first bought it.  Maybe it’s time to replace your battery.  We have multiple options of brand-new Apple OEM batteries and 3rd party solutions to get you through the day once again.  We even service vintage computers that Apple Retail no longer supports.

Vintage Mac Repair

Apple Retail has a limit on the parts they are supplied with to repair broken computers and as a result, will not offer any hardware service for computers found on their Vintage List. Midtown Tech is still able to receive some original Apple parts and will continue to service these machines well beyond their expected life cycle. Bring us your computer, that has years left of value and we will make it work like new again.


Malware Removal

There are many unethical individuals online that do not have your best interest in mind.  Having your computer exposed to malware can feel like such an invasion of your privacy. We take the time to make sure your system is clean from malware, viruses and adware so you can feel safe in an online world.

Operating System (OS) Services

The Operating System is the main piece of software that allows your computer to function. There are times that it is wise to upgrade, downgrade or start over.  Please consult with us to find the best working solution to help you balance features and benefits to experience and practical use.  We will provide you with the best solutions and information you need to make the right choice for you.

Data Transfer

Upgrading to a new Mac? We will assist with the transition.  We offer data transfer services to help you get going on your new computer as quickly as possible.

Data Recovery

Hardware can always be fixed or replaced, but your precious data is not replaceable. This is why we offer professional data recovery service.  Our data recovery service is risk free, if we can’t save it, you don’t pay for the attempt.



If something is not working right and you are unable to resolve the issue, we can help. It could potentially be an issue with hardware, software, operating environment, or an educational opportunity. We an Apple Authorized Service Provider and able to run all of Apple’s diagnostic and configuration utilities.  You can rest assured that you are getting the best, most comprehensive service and evaluation of your Apple products available. Our service technicians will discover what is going on, and how it can be resolved for you.



Storage Devices

If you computer feels like it has been slowing down over the years and software upgrades, or if you are running out of storage space, this is the best way to breathe new life into your computer. A solid state drive (SSD) upgrade will not only give you more storage space for your precious files, but can significantly speed up your computers performance and load times. We also offer upgrades for Retina computers that support removable Apple storage drives.


Are you stuck on a problem or glitch that just won’t seem to go away? Have you tried everything but the issue is still happening? Don’t spend more time troubleshooting your issue, let us do the heavy lifting for you.  We will diagnose and propose a working solution to get things working back to normal for you.  Our expert technicians will run diagnostics and software analysis to get to the root cause of the issue and present you with answers.


It is often thought that a RAM upgrade will speed up your computer, however, a better way to understand RAM (memory) is to make sure you have enough, so your computer will not slow down. Many of us are always multi-tasking and require many applications to be opened at the same time. If you don’t have enough RAM, your computer will slow down as a result. We only carry the best Apple Authorized RAM that comes with a lifetime warranty to prevent or stop this from happening to you.

Apple Warranty Service

We offer complete Apple Service warranty for all Apple products including; iPhones, Macs, Apple TV’s, iPods, iPads, Watches, AirPods, HomePods and  Accessories.  If its Apple, we cover it under the manufacturers warranty coverage. We also are able to service your AppleCare+ needs. 

iMac Hard Drives

Apple’s famous all-in-one computer is one of the most innovative desktop solutions for the professional, power user or casual user, but upgrades are not always easy.  Our certified technicians can upgrade the RAM or Hard Drives of all iMac models to keep it running with today’s demanding applications.

Apple Repair Extension Programs (REP) and Quality Programs (QP)

Like Apple, Midtown Tech values quality and if Apple offers any extended coverage or recalls for their products, we are the place to get the best premium Repair Extension service available

Apple Accessories

Sometimes the best upgrade for a device is getting the right accessory to enhance your workflow. We also offer warranty service for all Apple branded accessories. With a valid proof of purchase. 

Liquid Damage Assessment

We all have a bad day, few things are worse than not knowing what’s next when a liquid spill happens.  We will open your computer, inspect all the components inside and let you know what it will take to get up and running again with peace of mind.

E-Waste Disposal and Recycling

If you have technology that is sitting in your storage that no longer serves a purpose for you, bring it to us.  We will responsibly recycle your e-waste free of charge and make sure that any personal data stored on your devices is securely erased.