Heading back to school? Purchase a used Mac

Heading back to school? Purchase a used Mac

We all know books and tuition fees can add up. So, what are the advantages of purchasing a used Mac if you’re a student?

Save Money

Used Macs are significantly cheaper than new so your money can be put to better use. Our sales staff will help you find the right Mac that will allow you to perform all your tasks.

Reduce Risk

Unfortunately, laptops at school have a knack for being lost or stolen. Reduce the risk and heartbreak by purchasing used.

Buy Now and Receive an Extra $100 Off

What’s better than saving money? Saving more money. That’s right folks! For a limited time we are offering $100 off any used Mac if you’re going back to school.

At Midtown Tech we will always take the time to help you make an informed decision.

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