What are some lesser known features on my iPhone?

What are some lesser known features on my iPhone?

By now you’ve probably realized that your iPhone is more than just a phone and can do almost anything. So then, what are some of the lesser known features that could be helpful to you?

Sign a Document

Signing a document cannot be easier. Preview the attachment you want signed in your Mail app, then tap the toolbox icon. Tap the Signature button, sign the document with your finger and hit Done. Then place the signature on the document and tap Done again.

Undo Typing

This feature is quite easy when using a computer but how is it done on a phone that doesn’t have a ‘command’ key? Easy! Simply shake your phone back and forth if you need to undo typing on a document and a prompt will come up. Just make sure the phone doesn’t slip out of your hands but if it does, you know who to call.

If you have iOS 13 or later you can also double tap the document with 3 fingers to undo. Or, swipe left with 3 fingers to undo and right with 3 fingers to redo.

Hide Photos

Let’s face it, we all have an embarrassing photo or two we want hidden off our main album. Well now you can! In Photos, select the images you want hidden. Tap Share and then select Hide. Your photos are now in the Hidden album. Phew!


Don’t have access to a tape measure? Use your phone. Open the Measure app and measure away. It may not be as accurate as an actual tape measure but it’ll do the trick if you’re in a pinch. You can also use the level feature in the app to make sure your ledges are straight.

Silence Unknown Callers

Tired of robocalls? Silence all calls from unknown numbers by going to Settings -> Phone -> enable Silence Unknown Callers.

Receive Notifications by Camera Flash

If you’d prefer a visual phone alert for notifications this one’s for you. Go to Settings -> Audio/Visual -> enable LED Flash for Alerts.

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