What are the benefits of buying a used iPhone?

What are the benefits of buying a used iPhone?

Thinking of upgrading your phone, but you’re still unsure if you should buy new or used? Here are some things to consider that may help with your decision.

Save Money

Like most used products, the cost is substantially lower than new. The beauty of the last few generations of iPhones is that they’re all still considered up-to-date. They will accept the latest iOS and software and still perform wonderfully. Unless you’re a professional photographer, you probably won’t notice the difference between a used or new iPhone. They’re all so good!

Get a Cheaper Cell Phone Plan

By owning your own phone, you can save lots of money on your cell phone contract. All carriers offer a reduced rate when you provide your own phone.

Speed and Convenience

We know how much you rely on your phone so we get things done fast. We can transfer your data and SIM card and have you ready to go within the hour. All of our phones are unlocked so there’s no need to contact your carrier.

It’s Good for the Environment

By purchasing used, an iPhone will end up in your hands instead of in a landfill. iPhones are so well built that they hardly need to see a service specialist. All of our used iPhones are rigorously tested by our Apple Certified Technicians and are backed by our 90 day warranty for extra peace of mind. We also accept trade-ins so your old iPhone will go to good use and you can save money at the same time!

At Midtown Tech we will always take the time to help you make an informed decision.

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